Greetings everyone! I hope you’re having a ¬†great week. Yes-RVD will be on Thursday’s live IMPACT show on SPIKE. Look forward to that. The Comic Con is coming up in a mere 3 weeks! I’ve been to the last 8 or 9 and I’ll be at this one too. Actually, I’ll have my comic book Twisted Perception on hand to autograph for fans. It is being printed right now, but I have some advanced copies, and I think it’s sick! I’ll also have it avail right here on the site in a few days. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a radio show so-guess what? Wednesday at 1pst-VIGILANTISM. I’ll have a list of guests for you soon.

Been ;istening to the audio blogs? They’re o easy to leave. I’m trying to get in the habit of leaving more audio blogs, specially when I’m traveling.I just realized I haven’t looked at my Facebook in forEVER! If you’re talking with me oin Facebook, it ain’t me unless it’s been awhile.

SVD and I went to a party the other night hosted by the MPP. Did you know that Colorado is going to be the first place in the world where marijuana will be completely legal? The vote os in November and it looks like it’s going to pass. Puff Puff pass that is…no doctors needed! Just a valid age of 21 years or older, just like for alcohol except way safer. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Talk soon readers—




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