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Howdy blog readers.

Happy today!

Hope all is terrific.

The NWA Fanfest was awesome in Atlanta last weekend. I enjoyed meeting all you enthusiastic fans, and even though I did not participate in the bouts of the evening,

I will be back this weekend to do just that.

I’ll be in Columbus, Rome, and Atlanta on the 18th, 19th, & 20th with TNA Impact.

Check their web site for ticket info.

Chrome Gypsy Tattoo in Vegas is giving homeless people their t shirts to wear and advertise for them. When they drive by and see that the beggars are wearing their product, they reward them with water, sodas and/or cigarettes. Some people are against this because they believe it encourages beggars and they want it stopped.

I’m not so sure it’s a bad idea. What do you think?

This week we’ll tackle this subject on RVD RADIO.

If you haven’t heard me or anyone else say this before, please pay attention to this fact.

Although the good ol’ United States of America contains less than 5% of the world’s population, we house about 25% of the world’s prisoners.

How is this so? We incarcerate people, and ruin their lives for profit.

Many of the prison systems are privately owned and they make more $$$ depending on how many prisoners they have. The system doesn’t care if you belong behind bars or back in society, it’s looking at the dollar.

Well, finally, we get to see a dishonest, cold-hearted ASSHOLE judge go down for wrongful imprisonment. This guy is part of a scandal called “Kids for Cash”.

He received kickbacks from the juvenile detention centers and sent thousands of kids away. Some were told they’d be gone for 3 months, then 5 months went by…then 9 months…

Amid mounting questions about Ciavarella’s actions as a juvenile judge, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2009 directed that all adjudications involving children appearing before Ciavarella from 2003 to 2008 be vacated and their records expunged. The directive is estimated to involve 4,000 cases. 

One of those cases involved 16-year-old A.A., who was arrested for gesturing with her middle finger at a police officer who had been called during a custody dispute involving her parents and her sister. “

Read more about this ASSHOLE here…

Feeling good about or national Debt yet?

Here’s a pretty funny video of one man explaining his feelings on it…Felonius Munk…

Chris Masters posted a video up of himself interacting with fans at SummerSlam, gauging their thoughts on his current status.

So, this web site continues to develop.

We have new forums now, so please be patient as we rebuild the content.

As always, we appreciate your help with the site and soon, it looks like we’ll be running full steam again. That means RVD Radio, RVD TV, updated photo albums to keep up with my adventures and everything.

Still around the corner though, so relax. Find something to keep you chill.

Oh..look at the time! It’s almost twenty after four on the Van Dam clock.

catch you soon-

Fuck Conformity!


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