This whole Bound for Glory championship tournament has the entire locker room 

in state of tension, and it shows in the ring too. I don’t remember ever seeing such an outstanding prize as this shot at the world championship. Regardless of previous status, on-going feuds, or any agendas prior, everyone wants this chance. And they all want it bad. Think about it-it doesn’t matter what you’ve done with your career up to this point. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been crowned a champion. Everyone starts with an equal chance, and week by week, the story unfolds on our individual successes with this essential competition.

I’ve heard wrestlers say there is no way they’ll miss this opportunity.

I’ve heard wrestlers say this whole thing belongs to them.

They’re keeping track of points and placements and watching over their shoulders while they get geared up.

One thing that always works for me, though, that no one else has figured out how to break…

I’m Rob Van Dam.

I’m the Whole F’n Show.

The more serious this tournament gets, the more we turn up the fight.

Take a point away and I’ll figure out how to win two more.

Keep an eye on RVD, for that title match at BFG.

When it comes to being the best, I’m the best at it.

I’m Mr. Pay Per View, and I got this.

I’m Rob Van Dam

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