What up everyone?

Exited about the big Pay Per View this Sunday?

Absolutely, but here’s something extra to be excited about-

the OUTFIT I wear at FINAL RESOLUTION will go immediately to EBAY after the matches!!!!

SWEET, right? I want to do this three times in an effort to raise some funds for some causes that are important to me. This first, and Final Resolution auction is being done

because I want to donate the proceeds towards my good friend and horrible driver

Shane Hurricane Helms. He’s got too many hospital bills to fathom and if you score this RVD outfit, you’ll be contributing towards Shane’s recovery.


It always breaks my heart to part with these wrestling outfits so it’s a great compromise to let me wear each of them one more time. Tune in this Sunday to see both ,punish Christopher Daniels ,and wear my airbrushed singlet-one last time.


Sunday December 11  Final Resolution live on pay per view

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