Greetings everyone.

Here’s hoping 2012 is going’ great for ya.

I’ll be in Walingford, Weschester, and Reading this Thursday,

Friday and Saturday at TNA live events. Just added I guess.

That means no RVD RADIO this week but don’t think it’s cause we didn’t want to.

catch you next week with that.

I’ll also throw another wrestling outfit up for auction in our Ebay store next week for another friend in need. FYI- the guy that won the last outfit couldn’t believe it went for so cheap! If you want something you don’t see in the Ebay store (accessible through the store page) email My man Tony and he’ll get right on it.

RVD TV episodes are being loaded up as we speak. That means new episodes coming soon. Hell yeah!

Got tons to share but not tons of time so I’ll catch you when I get back. In the mean time, listen to my Ipadio blogs-I’l be updating them from the road.

I’d love to talk about the 911 paramedic who supposedly raped the patient in the ambulance, and the arson who started over 50 fires here on New Year’s weekend,

the cop that pulled the chic over and called her later for  date and more, but I have a flight to catch my friends.


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