February is a very busy month for RVD Productions,

so check back for the next blog containing info about my new action movie, the documentary I’m executive producing on the Kush Medical Kush Beach Club with Tommy Chong, the TNA RVD DVD, and more stuff I can’t wait to tell you about.

Have you been listening to my audio blogs? Better catch up on Ipadio if not. Also, just so you know, there are tons of RVD RADIO archives to catch up on at blogtalk radio.

I hope to add a fresh one this week.

Also in February, I will be traveling to India to show everyone my skills. I’ll post a link to the EPW web site soon, and you can see what the hell is going on on the 18th in Mumbai!

As always, it seems, I believe I ay e shooting my stretch video soon. If I don’t get to film before next week, however, it will have to wait until I come back from India.

I’ll be posting a new RVD TV episode in February. It’s been awhile, huh?

Let’s get back to the action:)

All over the news- some sick fuck here in L A worked as a elementary school teacher until he recently got busted for

being a scumbag to 23 kids. A local drugstore in Redondo Beach reported the abuse from photos he had developed that showed the kids blindfolded with tape over their mouths. The kids were forced to eat gross thing sincluding a white substance which turned out to be…


Dude..how bad does this guy need a cactus shoved up his ass?

OK. This was fun.

Let’s talk more frequently so we don’t have to say as much.



All right that’s it for now. catch you on Ipadio bitches!


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