You know what I hear sometimes?

“Are you still in TNA”

Can you believe that? Me- Mr. TNA and everything else

I put my feet to, so scarcely seen on the show, that they don’t 

know if I’m even there. Oh, I’m there people.

In fact, it’s pretty awesome to have so much impact on Impact,

that they can only handle having me appear in a limited and controlled

fashion. Yes…it’s nice. I know you want more RVD. What do you want me 

to tell you? I’m right here. You can catch me all over this web site when you need your fix, or watch Impact wrestling and savor every RVD moment, or if you’re really feeling like putting some effort into it, come to India February 18 to watch my first international competition since I splashed and squashed Kenzo Richards in Amsterdam a few months ago. That’s right, RVD is EPW too bitches.

Having a hard time keeping up?

I’l even tell you where I’m going. 

 I’m going up, up and away.

See you next time you’re looking.


Oh yeah… (warms up the thumbs)


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