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Author Topic: Bull blogs
Post Re: Bull blogs
on: February 24, 2012, 04:14

Hi Bull! Are you doing work for Impact Wrestling now? Or are you just pals with these guys? I was just wondering. You seem to have a close relationship happening with them.

Get well soon. I'm beginning to think you might be as accident prone as I am, teehee! The mystery pain I mentioned that I was having in my arms turned out to be a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder with acute tendonitis, and two bulging discs in my neck. And I sat at the computer and did work for someone in all this pain because I was asked to (and I wanted to), only to have someone come behind me and delete all my work, replace it with her own, and then take credit for it. So now, not only does my body hurt, but I've got some really hurt feelings to go along with it. But ah well. I'm gonna go boil some Yukon Gold potatoes, fry some bacon, and shred some Vermont white cheddar cheese, and make myself a huge bowl of my special loaded mashed potatoes (adding some milk, sour cream, and chives to the mix). Yeah, I eat potatoes when I'm pissed. I'M COMPLICATED!! And then I'll get over it, teehee.

I hope Jesse gets better really soon too, Bull. I can't even imagine having a broken neck. It makes my pain seem small compared to what he is going thru.

Take care,

Post Re: Bull blogs
on: March 17, 2012, 09:29

Ok not a whole heck of a lot to report just wanted to say hi and let you guys know what up. First thing I'm getting to become a lot like Sting is on TNA in real life. I'm so fed up with jumping througth hoops that I'm slowly loosing my mind. Every waking minute I'm thinking about my ring life that I think sometimes I've really snapped and I have grown very quiet in my life right now people are seeing the old me more and more. Which is not to good especially if your my target. And like I have told one person yesterday that means either something is going to happen or I'm going to hit a point of destruction. Don't worry I'm not planning on going to jail just people better watch out. I'm not playing games anymore.

Other than that 15 days until WM which means the big year bash at my house is getting on the way. Can't wait. Decorations and food is a check and I'm ready to party.

So talk to you all soon. Peace Out!!!!


Just to answer your questions no I'm not working for TNA and I'm not planning on being a big star. I don't want that. Its enough walking down the streets of my town with people and having them scream my name. I don't want that much attention on me. I just do it to make others happy I love seeing people enjoy what I do.

I have met many people in the business. I guess one of the people I love seeing and has met a few times while working is Doink and Tony Roy. The reminds me of a funny story I have to share with you someday what happened with Doink and my daughter (again not my real daughter just someone I have helped raise). Remind me on the next RVD Radio Show and I'll tell you the story in person.

And no I'm not acident prone it was my knee the one I will forever have problems with. I have a bad knee due to basketball, and wrestling.

Post Re: Bull blogs
on: April 23, 2012, 20:18

Ok well I been pretty busy and pretty beat up. Trying to finish my GED and rest as much as possible. In a hour I have to hit the road again. Anyway let me know how you all have been doing and do any of you have a IM? I don't have one yet but I'm just wondering how I can talk to you guys more. I miss my Vandamnasium Family. Anyway talk to you guys reral soon. Peace

Also don't forget to never waste a day without getting something done even if its as small as calling up a friend or family and letting them know you love them. Everyday brings another chance to grow as a huiman being.

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