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Author Topic: RVD Productions
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Post Re: RVD Productions
on: August 1, 2012, 20:35

There are so many upcoming projects in the works that we had to create an RVD Productions page.


As new projects are announced, the RVD Prod page will be updated, in addition to the RVD.com page, the Official RVD Facebook page and of course via Twitter.

These projects incompass a group of people who have been very helpful in getting to our goals.

As for the watermarked images for the RVD.com Photo gallery, it was necessary and requested. Plus, they are to be credited to the man who took about 95% of them, as they were given to us as exclusives to RVD.com (well, at least most of them, anyways ;) )

We hope that you enjoy the changes. There are plenty more coming, so stay tuned! :D

RVD.com Admin

Post Re: RVD Productions
on: August 2, 2012, 00:37

CM - First of all, LMAO! Again! And second, you can't even pretend to understand the coolness and awesomeness that is ME, so as I suspected, you have NO idea what you are talking about. And I simply refuse to mud sling on RVD's precious turf. Especially with someone who is CLUE-LESS!!! But if you insist, by all means, go ahead, but you're gonna be doing it by yourself. And mud slinging on RVD's site makes YOU look like a ******, honey. Not me, teehee. You are not a worthy enough opponent to provoke me anyway.

And Liyoki . . . GIRLFRIEND PLEASE . . . mind your own business. My life really isn't THAT interesting, I promise you, lol! Go outside or play or something already, teehee.


And that's all you are getting, bitches. You can stay on the subject if you want. But I'm moving on . . . LMFAO!!!

Post Re: RVD Productions
on: August 10, 2012, 20:47

Reap - Just checked out your band, thanks again for the reference. In case you hadn't already heard - their lead singer is out of jail now but will still have to stand trial. After reading recent interviews with him, my respect for their music has greatly increased. Seems like maybe he should be able to claim self-defense... Sounds like the security was either a bit relaxed or just plain overwhelmed at that concert two years ago. They should bear part of the responsibility, yes but truly in this case the main person at fault is unfortunately dead. Very sad what happened but also sad that the fan couldn't take a hint to give the band some space.

Courage & Peace

Post Re: RVD Productions
on: August 11, 2012, 03:42

I'm glad you liked them, Calm. They are a great band. Thanks for the recent info on Randy. I read that he made bail but didn't know that he would be going back for trial.

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