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Author Topic: THE PASSION
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on: March 9, 2013, 04:29



Individually, we view the world from our own unique perspectives. On a conscious level, we can imagine someone else’s point of view. Being able to put one’s self in “someone else’s shoes” is a valuable
social skill.
It helps one understand others.
This connection prevents HATE.
It lessens the existence of violence.
Without this connection, we don’t feel the need to invest sympathy
for other’s situations.
Often, when unexpectedly disturbed, we tend to react without considering consequences.
This can lead to trouble, but that’s irrelevant to the moment.
We all know what it’s like to slam a door closed or kick a nearby object in ANGER.
We’re driven by the DARK energy.
We feel relief from giving in to it.
When we do, for that one quick, split-second, we are unstoppable.
Growing up, I was always easygoing. My parents will concur,
It would take a lot to upset me.
My dad on the other hand, was one of those guys who seemed to blow
up when the WRONG button was pushed.
I used to observe him gesturing with ANGER at drivers of other cars
who had imposed upon his comfort.
Sometimes I’d wonder if we were in DANGER.
There are a lot of CRAZY people out there.
I doubt my dad would’ve been prepared to meet an opposing equal vibration.
I’m not comfortable with TENSION.
Whenever I get MAD, or FRUSTRATED, I feel like I’ve fallen off my path.
I’m acting against my practice and I often resent it later. That’s not me.
Who was that?
I try to fix it. Grow from it.
Prevent it from happening again. I don’t like ANGRY Rob.
Learning the peaceful ways of martial arts was a natural fit for me. The challenges of physicality were enhancements to the spirit.
I was introduced to two influences that would change my life for
ever...yin and YANG.
A new, conditioned view of the BALANCE of the universe would be my way of life.
Constantly striving for the elusive inner peace, I’m a stand out in a world of VIOLENCE.
Er, wait. Is that me or the fictional character that lives in my head- YAN GOODMAN?
It gets confusing sometimes. He seems so REAL.
I’m what most people would call a nice guy.
Sure, I’ve competed in Toughman contests and martial arts
tournaments, but that was a long time ago-and it was for self growth. Yes, I happen to wrestle on TV for a living, but I’m know as the most
laid back guy in the industry. Ask anyone.
I don’t want to HURT anybody.

I’m often asked for advice based on my “zenful” attitude. I take pride in this.
I inspire people, and that motivates me.
I’m grateful for every day.
I love life and I want everyone else to also.
That’s why it DISTURBS me, when I feel the monster, stirring inside of me.
This beast manifests on cue, FUMING, and swells beyond containment.
It emerges and takes control.
Thoughts of serenity are replaced with HURT, and ANGER, and HATE, and VIOLENCE, and DESTRUCTION.
The monster is RAGE.
I don’t lose composure to it often, but certain situations call for it, out of pure decency.
Those wretched vermin who victimize innocent people immorally and seemingly without care...they trigger the monster’s eruption.
I become filled with ABHORRENCE.
They change my perception of life, and I don’t like it.
Allow me to reference an example.
The very thought of this poor guy’s situation exhausted my emotions, as I watched him pour his heart out through the television cameras. This man’s 7-year old daughter was kidnapped from her own fucking
Before you have time to ponder “How could someone do something
like that?” it gets WORSE.
A couple days later, he’s told that they found his daughter’s body
dumped on the side of the road like trash.
That HURT.
I felt the vibrations of the man’s emotions as a stinging sensation burned my tear ducts.
Daniel Van Damme-just like my name- was MURDERED 2 hours away from me in San Diego.
I felt connected. Besides the common facts, I’m also human. How could anybody not care?
I went from feeling HORRIFIED to SAD, eventually to MAD and HATE.
I LOATHED the creep that could commit this atrocity so BAD, I wanted to punch his face repeatedly until my hand went through to the back of his skull and then stomp on his nuts for awhile.
It’s unsettling to know there are TERRIBLE people like this in my world.
It’s also unnerving to have these thoughts in my head. The monster begs to be released.
My vivid fantasies bring justice. This offers comfort.
In the living world, I could KILL somebody, under the right circumstances.
If they broke into my house, put my family in danger...yeah, I could KILL them, no problem.
Going on with my life, balanced and harmonious? I doubt it.
The deceased offender might be an ass hole, but after meeting his family-possibly good people mourning their tragic loss- full of REMORSE over his poor choices, I would probably feel BAD.
Hey, I told you I’m a nice guy remember?
I’m not saying I’d regret my actions, but the incident would change me for sure. My actions warranted or not- that BLOOD would not wash off of my hands.
Eliminating the slayers of young victims like Samantha Runnion, would be different.
Like Daniel, she was stolen like an inanimate object.
The remains of these girls were found sexually assaulted, and
discarded in hopes of concealing the assailant.
How could I possibly feel GUILT over savagely PUNISHING one of
these animals if I had the opportunity? I HATE them.
What happened to my peace? Why do I allow them to take it away from me?
Things are so much simpler with the luxury of ignorance.
I just don’t understand how these wicked people can live without realizing the precious value of life. The nefarious crimes of nature they commit...fuck.
I HATE them.
They introduce me to emotions I don’t want to know.
They cause me to understand what it’s like to be completely void of compassion.
I’d beat them so hard.
The only reason I wouldn’t want them to die, is so they’d SUFFER
more first.
Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism, activated to provide security in a frightful world.
Maybe it’s as simple as my monster’s ego feeling threatened at recognizing another monster’s presence.
I saw it come out of someone else recently, on TV.
It was that same, godless, IMPULSIVE, violent creature that wants
to do nothing but ERADICATE.
John Gardner sat in court and cried as he watched emotional videos
displaying memorable moments of the lives of two girls he viciously raped and murdered-Chelsea King and Amber Dubois.
I was shocked to see him showing this remorse.
This devil-in-the-flesh had attacked a different female recently, and
had done six years in prison for sexually assaulting a 13-year old girl before murdering these two teen agers.
How can he have feelings? Then I saw him change.
One young girl who claims to have escaped an attack from this ass hole by elbowing him in the face, taunted his DARK side.
She stood at the microphone and asked him how his nose felt...which enraged Gardner.
There it was-the SAVAGE that snuffed those poor kids!
He tried to KILL her with a VICIOUS look, and growled in a low
voice to his lawyer “She did NOT hit me!”
I saw the RAGE and from looking into his eyes, I knew that he wanted to choke the life out of this young girl.
This triggered a DARK aggression that quickly took over my brain and all I wanted to do was meet him with VIOLENCE!
I fantasize about walking up on the scene as he’s about to attack an unsuspecting victim in the park.
The thought of unleashing my suppressed vexation on this guy feels so...damn...right!
I want it.
I desire to inflict massive, dismembering PAIN to this horrible
abdomination, and I will do this because my HATE is fueled by a much stronger source than his.
Justice is on my side. He deserves it.
Does that really make it ok?
All these scenarios that play out in my head...are they defensible? Am I just another VIOLENT, psychosomatic DANGER to society? These thoughts I have...they’re so BRUTAL!
Why is it that I want them to feel such PAIN? To be TORTURED and feel victimized?
Do I want them to be sorry?
Am I trying to balance the Universe?
Why do I get myself involved in tragic affairs that have nothing to do with me?
Why do I feel the need to be the hero?
If life was a comic book, I’d live for this purpose.
If only we had a way of knowing who these parasites are.
They slaughter people of all ages, with no mercy, to benefit their own fancies- sometimes just for the moment.
They butcher families in their own homes.
They snuff decent citizens just to steal their property.
They kill honorable people because they share different beliefs.
They walk among us.
Imagine for a moment, that you could look into people’s eyes and witness the worst of their atrocities, first-hand with detailed vision!
You have your own security camera footage anytime you want it! You’d be the ultimate JUDGE and JURY! Fuck the trial!
Maybe you’d prevent terrorist plans in action, save the wrongfully
accused, perhaps you’d expose that rapist standing in line behind you at the grocery store.
If you had this power of vision, is it possible that you could step over the line-becoming EXECUTIONER as well?
You’re not that barbaric, right? I hear you.
All over the news as of late, is the Joran van der Sloot coverage.
I’ve always hated this ass hole since he first made headlines as a suspect in the disappearance of Natalie Holloway.
This guy’s been nothing but a major douche during the whole investigation and now- 5 years to the exact date of the disappearance...BAM!
He slaughters an unfortunate girl and runs.
Every time I see this prick, I imagine repeatedly pounding and stomping his head until it looks like a smashed pumpkin in a pool of blood.
Now, I don’t expect YOU to have this same physically driven ambition, but let’s put you to a test.
Keep in mind, you’re a helpless eyewitness to the most horrid acts you’ve ever had the displeasure to observe.
Envision a wooden shed being consumed with flames; the ignitor watching from a few feet away.
You can hear children screaming for help from behind the burning doors they’re pounding on for their lives.
Listening to their pleas with a cold, heartless stare, a man pisses on the ground next to a gasoline can near the growing fire.
You see this but you can do nothing-it’s a vision, then instantly in a FLASH...you’re in the present-with that knowledge, and this man is looking up to you for help from a compromised position...say... drowning in a swimming pool.
Would your instinctive rush to save him... be compromised?
If you hesitated to answer that...even a little...maybe you can find it in your heart to empathize with YAN’s disposition.
It all started the same way... a long time ago.
Maybe two wrongs don’t make a right, but somehow it balances the moment, from a Twisted Perception.
As long as THEY are going to be here, so is my HATE for them. I’m just afraid if I didn’t have this outlet for it...

something BAD might happen.

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