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on: March 19, 2013, 22:07


As a product of the midwest, I’ve always been drawn

to California. I don’t remember any time

in my life when dreams of seeing the world famous Hollywood

sign, the colossal Beverly Hills mansions,

and the beautiful west coast beaches were any less than

fascinating. As my wrestling career picked up,

and so did the travel, I’d often pass through LAX on my way

to Japan. Eventually, I was booked to wrestle

in Los Angeles, so I took full advantage of visiting the town

of my dreams. The first thing I knocked off my

list was to visit Venice Beach.

I rented a car, followed a map and found my way to the

boardwalk, where I was punched in the face

by the reality of a wonderful, undeniable fact- I sure the fuck

wasn’t in Kansas anymore! So to speak.

The magic of the Venice Beach boardwalk instantly

enthralled me to the point that, to this day, I remain

connected to that moment. The warmth of the sun, the surf

of the ocean, and the sexy girls in bikinis all combine

as aspects of the west coast atmosphere. I took my shirt

off to absorb the love from above and started strolling

north with the current of positive energy. The cultural

obsession with fitness is displayed by joggers, bikers,

surfers, rollerbladers, and sports you’d probably never be

exposed to anywhere else. You’ll see skateboarders

with sails, surfers with kites, and elliptical cardio vascular

machines on wheels.

Stores bordering the right side of the boardwalk sell pizza,

t shirts and water bongs to folks in flip-flops. Opposite

the shops, street vendors peddle art, jewelry, and

henna tattoos. You can have your palm read, take

a photo holding

a snake, or get a neck massage in the sun. The

guitar-playing roller blader with the amplifier on his back,

the old man in the thong that claims to have worked out

with Arnold, and the buff dude, wearing the

banana hammock,

that rolls the little heavy metal ball on his arm like

a Harlem Globe Trotter are among the characters

at the beach

you’ll see. As you walk along the populous pathway

of random visuals, maneuvering around crowds of onlookers

placating the street performers, any previous mindset is

replaced with the relaxing pace of the location. Its the

Venice Beach vibe.

I fell in love with it at once. When I was able,

I relocated to Los Angeles, and became one of the


at the beach, myself. Already a favorite hangout, the

place became much more significant in my life when

I met

another coastal character-Sean Kush. Sean was the

owner of the Medical Kush Beach Club. He invited me to

check his place out, which was a cannabis enthusiasts

dream! Combining two of my favorite things in the world,

his dispensary provided patients with a place to medicate

while enjoying the view. Through the second story window,

Californians looked out from the smoking lounge to enjoy

all the beauty of Muscle Beach during the day, and outstanding

sunsets at night. The MKBC also had a hash bar where

patients sat on bar stools and enjoyed medicating from fancy

glass pipes worth thousands of dollars.

I hung out there so often, many people though that I

owned the place with Sean. They also got that impression

because I’d stand out in front, to answer questions about

medical marijuana from inquisitive passers by. The site was

often ideal for filming RVD TV episodes, which soon led to

Hash Bar TV. Over the years, we’ve held proposition debates,

gave countless tours to celebrities, and hosted World Hash

Cup competitions in the establishment. To say that all of us

were emotionally involved with the Medical Kush Beach Club

underestimates the connection. The girls that sold the buds,

loved their job. The patients were so grateful for the place, and

why wouldn’t they be? It was the true epitome of

west coast flavor.

As a result of modified zoning laws and different interpretations

of the law, marijuana dispensaries all over the

city were facing raids and heavy penalties. Our place, when inspected

by city officials, passed every test. The local

police actually said that they wished other dispensaries ran a tight

ship like the MKBC. As one of the longest lasting

cannabis dispensaries in California, Sean felt secure about his

business and grew it progressively. He opened a

second location on the boardwalk, bought ads on the backs of

every pot magazine on the news stands and even

advertised with a giant billboard over Lincoln Boulevard. Using

his band, Kushinator -they do the Rob Van Dam ring

entrance song-as a platform to synchronize publicity, Sean was

running an empire to unprecedented levels. The controversy

caused mixed emotions on the outside, but drew attention to a

non-profit business that wasn’t ashamed. His time in this

spot light however, was limited.

Medical marijuana doctors, started by or inspired as

competition by Sean, popped up all over the boardwalk and


engaged in nasty turf wars! It was not out of the ordinary to

see doctors yelling or fighting on the once peaceful boardwalk.

Red flagged by the ensuing drama, the Kush Doctor-a business

Sean ran with an associate-was raided on April 20th

of last year. Also swept under the umbrella was the club - located

next door and in the same building. Without asking

too many questions, the medical board launched the raid that

would lead to the end of an important era. Sean’s bank

accounts were frozen, his assets-including guitars and his

car- were confiscated and his dispensary was completely trashed.

Many people lost their jobs, the economically challenged

state of California lost the tax revenue from the respected

business and the distribution of marijuana was subsequently

placed back on the unregulated streets. The magnificent

losses we all suffered are only slightly offset by one thing.

Thanks to Hash Bar TV, we had cameras rolling the whole time.

The Boardwalk Hempire is a documentary that covers

the entire story of the rise and fall of the Medical Kush Beach

Club. This assembly of HD footage, with added interviews and

media clips is so extensive, it enlightens viewers with

education while familiarizing them with Sean Kush’s story. You’ll

see obviously sick people treating symptoms of their

conditions. You’ll see people who look completely healthy, maybe

even form an opinion of your own on marijuana abuse,

and then see their gnarly scars and be exposed to their stories. And

what of adults who want to relieve stress without

dangerous health effects? Are they wrong? When people see footage

of the Hash Bar during festive times, many will

wish they’d had the chance to visit this place when it was still in

operation-much like Studio 54! Many people did have

the good fortune of visiting the Medical Kush Beach Club and no doubt

have tremendous stories to share.

I’m excited to be executive producing this film with Tommy Chong,

and I’m sure it will be a classic- enjoyed by millions.

We still continue to follow Sean to his court appearances as he

deals with the consequences of the raid. This footage will be

in the movie too, but production has been temporarily halted. In

an effort to acquire the funds for finishing the film, we’re

now focused on the Kickstarter campaign. Either way, we will finish

the movie and it will be the best of its kind. When

you watch our trailer, you’ll know right away what I’m so damn proud

of. Observe informative true cases of actual patients

combined with the sunny beach, hot girls, Kushinator’s music and

of course...lots of coughing too.

If you want to be part of this historical event, there’s still time. You

can have your name added to the credits of the

movie! How cool would that be?

You may not be able to toke up in the famous Venice Beach building

that once housed Jim Morrison, but you can

help bring its story to those who would learn it. Thank you for reading.

Enjoy the trailer, and soon enjoy the whole fucking

movie! Boardwalk Hempire-The Rise and Fall of the Medical Kush Beach



It’s still 4:20 somewhere.

Here is all the necessary information. Help us by placing the link

on your websites and social media profiles.

The campaign will end on April 20th 2012 so we have 60 days to raise

the funds. You support is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Kickstarter link:

Youtube Video:

If you would like a copy of the video to post on your website you can download the video

here: http://vimeo.com/33253242

Below the video on the right is a button that says "Download this video". Right click on that and

select "Save Link As" and save it to your desktop. Then you can upload it to your Youtube or your

websites. Here are the Titles, Descriptions and Tags to place in the video.

Back out Kickstarter Project and become a part of this historic documentary!


Tommy Chong, Rob Van Dam and Sean Kush bring you

Boardwalk Hempire: The Rise and Fall of the

Medical Kush Beach Club the documentary. Medical Marijuana

is a big issue. Show your support by

backing our project and you will receive Autographed items from

Tommy Chong, Rob Van Dam and Sean Kush.

To get updates stay tuned to:



Follow us on Facebook:



Thanks so much!
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