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Say it with me now... R-V-D!
Good to see you, too!
How can the referee look so bored?
Suspense = Ratings.
You should have taken a nap earlier!
Okay, next time you get the remote for the giant television.
He's a chiropractor, too?
Another reason to invest in a helmet.
Beware: flying martial artist. Hardhats recommended.
This awkward moment brought to you by the latest in split-second photo technology.
Only professional wrestlers should ever attempt this variation on the heimlich maneuver.
Gravity is optional.
Must be some interesting signs to read.
Nice Frog Splash. Or is this the last part of a Rolling Thunder?
Probably not as easy as they make it look.
Swanton in slow motion: 1/3
Swanton in slow motion: 2/3
Swanton in slow motion: 3/3
Five Falling Stars - make a wish.
Skydivers should study this.
One mans victory is another mans defeat.
When the referee points, it's offical.
Pay attention folks, there will be a quiz later!
Was anyone surprised?
“You can’t win unless you try to win but you can lose by trying not to lose.” - Jack Campbell
Thanks for being here, would have been a different match without ya.
They work hard for the respect.
I didn't know there was another giant television back here!
What do you mean, we've been on candid camera?
Which set was previously recorded again?
Have I ever told you about the time when...
No way, really?
Over there? No, over there!
You believe that guy? Nah...
Uhm, you've got facepaint in your eyes.
Handshake while expecting an ambush?

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