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Action Figures on Tour: Japanese Shrine!
Another belt, huh?
BBC Approved.
From the movie Black Mask 2.
At San Diego Comic Con, 2014.
Cuteness. It's all about portion control.
Sometimes, you just can't escape being labeled.
Everyone needs exercise.
At Fake Mustaches.com
For Families Against Neuroblastoma.
At the Shining Wizards podcast.
From the X-Files.
Good Karma. It's not a new a idea.
Even hardcore extremists can let their hair down once in a while, yeah?
2007, WWE Hall of Fame. Inducting the Sheik.
Ten hugs a day for good mental health. Right?
That's one way to get the message out.
Another world tour? Which world are we going to this time?
Wonder what he was listening to.
Maybe they would have done better at the Winter Games?
This just seems to happen.
RVD LIVE, a place for nonconformists.
NXT Interview.
This is how professional wrestling used to be advertised.
On Family Feud.
Wow. Had no idea they did this much quality testing on the games.
The audience seems kind of flat today.
At Pure Gym.
Give him a listen or you won't know what you're missing.
With Ringside Collectibles at the San Diego Comic Con, 2014.
Wondercon, 2005.
No rest for the extreme?
Kushinator and RVD prepare for yet another awesome show together.
So when you buy a fish tank this size, it actually comes with a guy to clean it? Amazing.
For Heyman Hustle.
Statues are such good listeners.
Action figure? ...but.... it's not moving....
Someday, these will rule the world. Right?
Does that actually look like me?
Don't shoot?
He probably kicked it.
Ahh. Scenic California.
Capitol Records.
Soaking up the sunshine.
So, what's your sign?
By the Medical Kush Beach Club.
...there are so many things that fnac could stand for...
Signing with The Real Paige
"Never let your memories be greater than your dreams." - Doug Iverster
Talk Wrestling with Jeff Meacham
Camera overload, much?
RVD's Five Star Comics.
Make time to meditate.
Another day at UPW.
1998. The Van Dam Lift. This weightlifting record still stands.
Downtown Comedy Night, 3/4/2014.
We always knew he was vintage material.
Hrm. I think I've heard of that website.
Watch this.
Inner peace, outer harmony - that's balance.
Let me guess. The building started it, yeah?
Winging It interview.
Wait... I thought they were in favor of gun control?
From the movie Wrong Side of Town.
Have I been getting enough sleep? Well yes, thanks but...
Did you know that some of us can actually do this job in our sleep?

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