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Should have brought an umbrella...
Have YOU hugged a professional wrestler today?
Applause all around.
Should we do a stage bow?
Where the lights are bright and the audiences are loud.
Oh yeah, nearly forgot to give you this...
Hulk, with all due respect, don't even think about it.
Wonder how much they'll let me customize this.
Nice smile, Champ.
Hrm, didn't know this thing came with fine print.
Face left
Confetti Meditation.
Face right
He's standing right behind me, huh?
Enjoy the moment.
Rising Star.
Encore Support Team.
Doesn't look like it's lonely at the top.
When you have a belt, everyone wants to be your friend.
What the fans wanted to see.
There sure are a lot of people here...
Someone to look up to?
The International Party Service has issued a Severe Confetti Warning for the area of...
Bet we could throw him into the audience from here.
Yea, see that camera guy out there? If we aim for him...
You're not seriously going to throw him into the audience, are you?
Fits pretty well.
Only the champion gets to wear the confetti.
Dixie and Hulk say there's a new sheriff in town.
This ain't no disco - right?
Aww, they're doing his taunt - and yet he has a better grip than usual on the belt.
Acceptance Speech.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, confetti to...uhm...confetti?
Signs + volume = how the fans vote.
There was so much confetti, they sent someone out to find him.
Okay - you go left and I'll go right and they'll never expect...
Hey, you're wearing the same colors as the confetti too!

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