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The camera people have them surrounded!
Kids, do not try this at home. Or anywhere else. Seriously.
"All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter." - Sai Baba
Welcome to Stretching With The Champion.
I've always felt that stretching was important, yes.
No, they don't actually let me use the belt in my workouts.
So who here wants me to release a stretching DVD?
Okay, everybody, arms up like this...
Sandman knows some stretches as well!
Apparently, they are posing for a sculpture. ECW could do it's own version of 'marines holding up the flag' with something like this.
Hardcore Tai Chi.
After a few minutes, you'll really feel this stretch...
Another round? No? Okay, so where is the recycle bin?
Everyone seems amused.
A toast to the Sandman!
Extreme comes best in groups, huh?
Hulk: Brother, I wish you health. Jerry Lynn: Thanks! And I wish you luck with finding your feather boas. I heard that they may have been turned to confetti though...
I can see my reflection in your sunglasses.
Rolling Thunder strikes again.
You can almost see the target thinking about rolling out of the ring...
Whoa, check out the height of this jump.
Can you read what's falling on you?
Last adjustments before landing.
Referee: You wouldn't ever do that to me, right?
Gather around, everyone.

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