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He's got an eye for details.
Red-eyed Skeletal Dragon
Skulls, Flames and Yin Yang
Wow. That's a lot of details.
And perhaps this is why it was auctioned off to raise funds for MPP.
Rolling Thunderstorm
Skeletal Dragon, rosary bead tail
May you never need stitches this size.
One of a kind feline.
Yin Yang Splash
Soon to be an album cover?
Celtic Braided Graffiti
Wrestling you can sink your teeth into.
Fractured Tropical
Wow, even fire-breathing dragons know his name.
Does the writing glow in the dark?
Sparkling Rainbow Zebra
Air Blue
Ironman Style
And the next generation of super heros will include...
Zen can go radioactive?
Sponsered by...
Hydro Electric Dragon
Yin Yang Tide
Celtic Vines
Ninja Lifeguard on duty
Mixed signals.
Solar Harmony
Tidal Dragon
...but Zen is not a ball and chain philosophy!
Neon Orange Dragon
Barbed Wire
Yin Yang Confetti
Fire Harmony

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