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Listen to that!

For those of you who don’t already know, Rob is a greatly respected professional wrestler. He is also an actor, martial artist, world traveler, former comic book dealer, motivational speaker, comedian, philosopher and advocate for the legalization of cannabis. And that is an probably an incomplete list since he has a busy life, many ideas and several forthcoming projects. Seriously. Watch this space.

Fans all over the world have been and continue to be both entertained and inspired by RVDs unique performance. He has created a legacy that is a combination of hard work, hardcore skill and a uniquely positive outlook on life.

Want to know more? Keep reading. And listening. And watching.

Happy. Healthy. Terrific.

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Happy. Healthy. Terrific.

Selected Filmography

One of a Kind


Movies and Documentaries:
2012: The Rise and Fall of Medical Kush Beach Club – Himself, Executive Producer
2010: Wrong Side of Town – as Bobby Kalinowsky
2009: Bloodstained Memoirs – as Himself
2009: Sketch Of Life – as Himself
2007: WWE Hall of Fame – as Himself, inducting The Sheik
<2005: One Of A Kind – as Himself
2004: The Rise and Fall of ECW – as Himself
2003: Before They Were WWE Superstars – as Himself
2002: The Backyard – as Himself (cameo)
2002: Black Mask 2: City Of Masks – as The Claw
1999: Beyond the Mat – as Himself
1997: Blood Moon – as Dutch Schultz
1995: Superfights – as a Mercenary
Funny or Die

Olympic Trials with Kurt Angle

TV Series and Webisodes:
Current: RVD LIVE @ BRealTV
Current: RVD @ Tweet Secret
Current: Hashbar TV – as Himself, Executive Producer
2013-2014: RVD LIVE! @ TradioV
2012: Funny or Die: Olympic Trials with Kurt Angle and RVD
2010: Family Feud – as Himself (5 episodes)
2008: Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling – as Himself (1 episode, Train with the Pros)
2001: Ultimate Revenge – as Himself (2 episodes)
2001: Spy TV – as Various (1 episode)
2000: V.I.P – as Major Talbot (1 episode, Survival)
2000: The X-Files – as Burts opponent (1 episode, Fight Club)
2000: 18 Wheels Of Justice – as Robert Laramie (1 episode, Outside Chance)
1999: City Guys – as Himself (1 episode, El Trainmania IV)
ECW: Hardcore Revolution

ECW: Hardcore Revolution

Video Games:
2011: Saints Row: The Third – voice of Bobby
2010: WWE: Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 – as Himself
2006: WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007 – as Himself
2005: WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 – as Himself
2005: WWE WrestleMania 21 – as Himself
2004: WWE Smackdown vs. RAW – as Himself
2004: WWE: Day of Reckoning – as Himself
2002: WWE: WrestleMania X-8 – as Himself
2001: Legends of Wrestling – as Himself
<2000: ECW: Hardcore Revolution – as Himself
2000: ECW: Anarchy Rules – as Himself

Happy. Healthy. Terrific.

Overview of RVDs Wrestling Career

Getting Started

-Born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan.
-Skilled kick-boxer and martial artist.
-Rob made his first appearance on WWF television in 1987 during a skit with “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. At the time, DiBiase was selecting fans from the audience and offering to pay them to perform degrading acts. DiBiase offered RVD, a teenager at the time, $100 to enter the ring and kiss his foot – which he did. Either despite this or because of it, Rob remained interested in becoming a wrestler.

The Original Sheik, Ed Farhat

The Original Sheik, Ed Farhat.

-Was trained for wrestling by the classic hardcore brawler The Original Sheik, Ed Farhat. Sometimes trained with/against Sabu, who is a relative of the Sheik.
-In 1990, Rob placed second in the Kalamazoo Heavyweight Toughman Contest.
-Also in 1990, Rob wrestled his first match. He debuted against Dango Nguyen in Toledo, Ohio.
-Was given the name Rob Van Dam in 1991 by Ron Slinker, a promoter in Florida. Possibly because of his martial arts experience and his resemblance to actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Rob is NOT actually any relation to Jean-Claude.
-Signed with World Championship Wrestling(WCW) in 1992 and became known Robbie V since the owner, Bill Watts, disliked the name Rob Van Dam.
-Had his first official matches against Sabu while in Florida.
-Wrestled for many regional organizations across America and also for All Japan Pro Wrestling(AJPW), where he challenged for the AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship several times.

Titles Held:
-All Star Wrestling(ASW) North American Heavyweight Champion
-International Wrestling Federation(IWF) Television Champion
-National Wrestling Council(NWC) Tag Team Champion, with Bobby Bradley
-Peach State Wrestling(PSW) Cordele City Heavyweight Champion
-South Atlantic Pro Wrestling(SAPW) Tag Team Champion, with Chaz Rocco

Happy. Healthy. Terrific.


Extreme Championship Wrestling or ECW (1996 – 2001)

-Signed with promoter Paul Heyman’s Philadelphia-based promotion in January 1996. Defeated Axl Rotten in his debut match.
-Is perhaps best remembered for the many skilled hardcore matches which took place during this phase of his career.
-Feuded against Sabu before eventually teaming up with him.
-Began to wear the custom singlets, designed by the skilled airbrush artist Joe Holland.
-Developed and introduced some of his more exteme signature moves, including the The Van Daminator and The Van Terminator. Adopted the Five Star Frog Splash as his finisher.
-Participated in the ‘invasion’ storyline, sometimes appearing on WWF/WWE. Teamed with Jerry Lawler more than once for this story. Lawler is the one who gave him the nickname Mr. Monday Night.

RVD with Sabu and Bill Alfonso.

RVD with Sabu and Bill Alfonso.

-Began to be managed by Bill Alfonso in 1997 during a long feud with Tommy Dreamer.
-Received the nickname Mr. PayPerView from fans since he was undefeated in ECW Pay Per Views.
-Began to refer to himself as The Whole F’n Show since he often felt responsible for having the kind of matches that would make the fans in attendance feel that they had gotten their moneys worth.
-Was still able to wrestle overseas, once winning the ECW World Tag Team titles with Sabu from the Dudley Boyz at a Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling(FMW) show in Japan.
-Won the ECW World Television Championship by defeating Bam Bam Bigelow in 1998. RVD held and defended that title for 23 months which remains the longest title reign.
-Suffered a legit broken ankle during a match against Rhino in 2000. RVD actually won that match. However the injury forced him to vacate the title in order to take a few months off and heal fully.
-When he returned to the ring, in spite of some excellent matches, he was unable to reclaim the championship. By now ECW had some serious financial struggles and it seemed clear that the company would not last much longer. RVD was among those whose appearances were limited due to ECW owing them a large sum of money.
-In 2001, despite not having been paid, Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn in the main event of the last televised ECW PPV.
-Although ECW went out of business, the company had been so popular with both wrestlers and wrestling fans that many other wrestling companies took notice. Both WWE and TNA have done ECW themed events and storylines.

Titles Held:
-ECW World Television Champion
-ECW World Tag Team Champion, twice with Sabu

Happy. Healthy. Terrific.


The Van Dam Lift

A unique weightlifting technique invented by RVD and approved by the International All-Around Weightlifting Association in 1998. The Van Dam Lift involves performing a split between two benches and lifting a dumbbell from the floor to the waist. RVD still holds the current world record for lifting the most weight – 166.5 lb or 76 kg – this way.


The Van Dam Lift

The Van Dam Lift


Happy. Healthy. Terrific.


World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment or WWF/WWE(2001 – 2007)

-Continued to be introduced as a wrestler from Battle Creek, Michigan for a time even after he had moved to Los Angeles, California.
-Actually had his WWF debut match against Jeff Hardy in 1997, while invading from ECW.
-Several months after the closure of ECW – RVD used those months to rest, recover, appear in two movies and appear on multiple television shows – RVD was signed to a short term contract by the World Wrestling Federation(WWF) based out of Connecticut.
-His first televised appearance under this contract was in July, 2001 on RAW where he and Tommy Dreamer attacked Kane and Chris Jericho.

RVD and Stone Cold.

RVD and Stone Cold.

-A number of former ECW and WCW wrestlers joined forces to become known as The Alliance. They continued to ‘invade’ the WWF. RVD was considered the fan favorite of this group, which sometimes lead to feuds with other Alliance members such as Stone Cold Steve Austin.
-In 2001 RVD won the WWF Hardcore Championship by defeating Jeff Hardy. They traded the title back and forth for several weeks in a storyline that sometimes also included Kurt Angle.
-When other members of The Alliance were fired due to losing a Winner Takes All match, RVD had the belt and so was able to stay employed as the Hardcore Champion. His accomplishments drew attention from more than just the fans. He would lose the belt to The Undertaker before the end of the year.
-RVD was frequently involved in multiple feuds and storylines at a time. He had already developed a reputation for being willing and able to work with opponents of all types. In ECW he had not let anyones size, fighting style or storyline alignment (face, heel, etc) prevent him from making every effort to have a great match. However in WWF/WWE, the intense travel schedule became a factor. A wrestler could be on the road and in the ring every day for more than 200 days per year. This meant less time to heal between matches. Hence any wrestler wishing to have a long career in the WWF/WWE tended to become slightly more subdued and cautious in order to try and avoid serious injury.



-Neither matches nor title reigns seemed to last very long in this company and even popular storylines were sometimes abandoned without much explanation.
-RVD once defeated The Undertaker for the Undisputed Championship but Ric Flair had the authority to restart the match. RVD then lost, negating the title win.
-In the course of about a year RVD feuded with William Regal, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Christian, Chris Jericho and others over the Intercontinental title, recapturing the belt on several occasions before losing it to Randy Orton in December, 2003.
-On July 21st, 2002 RVD defeated European Champion Jeff Hardy in a title unification ladder match. The WWE European Championship and the WWE Intercontinental Championship were unified. As a result, the European title was abandoned.
-On the August 26th episode of RAW, RVD defeated Hardcore Champion Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore title unification match. The WWE Hardcore Championship and the WWE Intercontinental Championship were unified. As a result, the Hardcore title was abandoned.
-Eventually RVD was qualified to be the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He fought with Shawn Michaels and Triple H in an effort to take the top spot but the title eluded him at this time.
-RVD teamed up with Kane. They sometimes feuded with each other but were able to capture and defend the WWE World Tag Team Championship more than once when working together.
-RVD feuded with Booker T. They started out fighting over who should be the number one contender for the Intercontinental title, remained at odds when they both decided to chase other titles as well and eventually ended up working together to be the World Tag Team Champions. They lost the titles shortly before being traded away from RAW which meant that they did not have the opportunity to try and recapture the belts.
-After being drafted from RAW to Smackdown, RVD began to team up with Rey Mysterio. They captured and defended the WWE Tag Team Championships for a time but their reign was ended in late 2004 when RVD suffered a legit knee injury. He took about a year off to heal from the reconstructive surgery.
-While still healing, RVD did make a few appearances and cut a few promos. Perhaps the best known promo/interview during this time was done for the reunion pay-per-view, ECW One Night Stand.
-RVD made his return to WWE television for the Royal Rumble in early 2006 and was one of the last wrestlers to be eliminated from the ring.
-Won the Money in the Bank(MITB) Ladder match at WrestleMania 22. He was able to briefly recapture the Intercontinental belt from Shelton Benjamin by putting the MITB contract on the line but didn’t actually cash in the contract until the next ECW themed pay-per-view.


Double Champion again.

RVD holding more than one belt at a time is not an uncommon sight.

-In 2006, ECW One Night Stand was held in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Though the PPV was a WWE event, this was an arena that had been home to the original ECW company and so it would not be an understatement to say that the majority of the fans in attendance were extreme. The crowd volume was at least 150% and at the main event all of the cheering was for RVD. He used his MITB contract to challenge for the WWE Championship, defeated John Cena with some help from Edge and won the belt. The match was operating under hardcore rules so the help from Edge did not cause disqualification. This fight was voted match of the year for 2006 and is still a bit surreal to watch or even listen to.
-The audience response to the pay-per-view had been so amazing that the WWE reinstated the ECW World Heavyweight Championship and awarded it to RVD. So now he held two belts and would be kept busy for little while with defending both titles.
-Prior to being suspended for legal and policy reasons, RVD lost the WWE Championship to Edge and lost the ECW World Championship to Big Show. He was suspended for a month.
-When RVD returned to the ring, it took a while for him to be able to return to the championship scene and despite good efforts, he was not able to recapture any of the belts that he challenged for.
-His last match for WWE was at ECW One Night Stand in 2007. Technically RVD won the Stretcher match but his opponent, “Legend Killer” Randy Orton, continued to attack after the match was over and so was credited with ending RVDs career.
-RVD allowed his contract with the WWE to expire in 2007.

Titles Held:
-WWF/WWE Hardcore Champion, four times
-WWF/WWE Intercontinental Champion, six times
-WWE European Champion
-WWE World Tag Team Champion, once with Kane and once with Booker T
-WWE Tag Team Champion, with Rey Mysterio
-WWE Champion
-ECW World Heavyweight Champion

Happy. Healthy. Terrific.


Other Projects (2007 – 2011)

-Much of this time was spent caring for family and focusing on other projects. Several interviews, a few surprise appearances and a movie were made.
-He wrestled for a handful of organizations and was usually either chasing or defending their top title.
-Companies where he worked but did not hold a title include Associação Portuguesa de Wrestling(APW), Nu-Wrestling Evolution(NWE), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla(PWG) and New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW).

Titles Held:
-American Wrestling Rampage(AWR) World Heavyweight Champion
-No Limits Wrestling (NLW) World Heavyweight Champion
-World Stars of Wrestling(WSW) World Heavyweight Champion

Happy. Healthy. Terrific.


Total Nonstop Action Wrestling or TNA (2010 – 2013)

-Debuted in March, 2010 and defeated Sting. This started a feud between them and also drew the attention many other wrestlers – as well the fans.



-In April of 2010, RVD defeated first Jeff Hardy and then A.J. Styles in the same night in order to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. TNA used the opportunity to do their own version of an ECW reunion.
-He held and defended the title until August, 2010. Storyline injuries from Abyss and Fortune forced him to vacate the belt. In truth, RVD was not hurt but his contract with TNA had set a limit on the number of days per year he could work and he had simply gone through that number of work dates more quickly than they’d expected.
-In October of 2012, RVD defeated Zema Ion to become the TNA X-Division Champion.
-He held and defended this title through many extreme battles until the end of February, 2013.
-In March of 2013, RVDs contract with TNA was allowed to expire.

Titles Held:
-TNA World Heavyweight Champion
-TNA X-Division Champion
Happy. Healthy. Terrific.
Return to WWE (2013 – 2014)

-Appeared as a contender in the July, 2013 Money in the Bank ladder match and spent a few months chasing various titles.
-Returned to the squared circle on April 7th, 2014 after nearly a seven month absence.
-In August of 2014, RVDs contract with WWE was allowed to expire.

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